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And now they have lost the lifestyle channels to Discovery, they want to use W more as a lifestyle channel I guess
Yeah, that makes sense. Doctor Who, which I see is indeed no longer in the schedule, was probably being shown a lot as the rights were about to expire. It no longer needs to air reruns on linear TV at all, considering every episode from 2005's Rose to 2020's The Timeless Children are on BBC iPlayer without an expiry date . It certainly is no longer a show that would attract viewers to their non-Freeview channels for that reason - if they did air it again, it should be on Dave or Drama.

First 10 series are available at 8 months, series 11 available for 3 months and series 12 available for 11 months.
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The inevitable now seems to have happened.

The Facebook pages for Sky Arts, Sky Witness, Sky Atlantic, E! UK and SyFy UK have now disappeared and been merged into the Sky TV (formerly Sky 1) page.
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What possible benefit will come from Challenge being pay? That just will not happen.

I am not sure if Sky will close down SyFy and E! or just bump them way down the EPG so their new branded channels can have their good slots.
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Neither Syfy or E! or closing as they still have listings from 7th of April along with new programming. Sky have bought the old 5Spike slot on 159 - Pick has moved to 159 in the Channel Isles and Sky Sports Mix on 145 can be moved to the Sports EPG section.

Sky 2 still has listings from 7th of April aswell.