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It would likely be SKY Entertainment. There was rumour of SKY Drama and SKY Action. So not sure if this will turn into anything. SYFY becomes SKY Drama?

I’m not sure about E! but SYFY uk website is now only the schedule like the way the universal channel went. So that’s very likely to change.

Is there a epg reshuffle happening?
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Interesting to note that if they can’t secure another slot on Freeview, it will replace one of their existing services.

Pick or Challenge I presume?

Challenge probably most likely to go?

Pretty much given up on Challenge on social media as it is, and Pick attracts a higher percentage share than Challenge does, albeit only by something like 0.2% across all platforms they air on.
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Will be interesting to see if it stays SKY branded. Think it might.

Now I can’t back this tweet up but it’s interesting if true.

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As long as NOW TV continues to provide SVoD for Sky Arts as it does for Pick and Challenge, it negates the need to watch a sub-par SD linear channel.

I'd speculate that Challenge will be axed as a linear channel, instead becoming a SVoD platform on NOW TV and Sky Box Sets.