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Well if these new channels are replacing Real Lives and Sky 2, it resolves the issue of having low rated channels not doing much but showing repeats as a placeholder.

I'd think NOW TV will also get these channels as part of the Entertainment Pass as well?

They're confirmed to come on Now TV along with Sky.

Probably Virgin Media as well, I personally do not see those channels under the same breadth and premium level as Atlantic does.
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There is to much overlap in my view. They could have a channel portfolio like;

SKY Atlantic -> SKY Action (106)
Home of premium drama.
(SKY Originals, SKY One and HBO content)

SKY Witness (107)
Home of crime drama
(SKY UK, HBO and universal content)

SKY One -> SKY Comedy (108)
Home of comedy entertainment.
(Taking content SKY One like ALOTO)

Universal -> SKY Crime
Home of crime documentary’s
(Move crime documentary’s from SKY Witness plus Universal content)

Real Lives -> SKY Living

SKY Arts
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It's kinda weird how we haven't seen the logo for Sky Comedy but it makes sense as they're launching the channel next year.

I do like Sky Crime's logo and branding. As I've seen on their Twitter page, there's gonna be a lot of yellow and dark blue involved.
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Could they close Universal and replace it with Sky Crime and pull out of the agreement with Viacom and launch Sky Comedy themselves and (as I'm sure they have already agreed in contracts) that Sky own the EPG slot so a Viacom owned Comedy Central would have to move down the EPG? As reported in the Channel 5 thread, Comedy Central is now reported to BARB as a Channel 5 channel and not Viacom as it used to be, so it seems something is going on.

I am only seeing the usual channels under Channel 5 (Channel 5, 5Star/Spike/Select/USA and Paramount). Comedy Central is listed under VIMN.
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[wildly speculative - possibly borderline delusional opinion ahead]
It would almost make sense to move all the Witness programming to Crime and then do something like launch Bravo (as in - the NBCUniversal Bravo, not the UK one) in its place? The lines are kind of blurred between those two channels right now, they’re very similar to each other.
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What the heck is SKY Kids???
Both stations will join Sky’s existing channel portfolio comprising Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Witness, Sky Arts, which sit alongside the broader services of Sky Cinema and Sky Kids.

On demand service that doesn't have a linear channel number. There's a show called So Beano on it, which is connected to the Beano comic.

Sounds like alignment with Sky Germany, which has a Sky Krimi channel
I would imagine that Krimi will relaunch at around the same time, sharing Sky Crime's idents.
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Given the fact that NBC rights in Italy are now in the hands of Sky, and not with Mediaset Premium anymore, and that Mediaset Premium closed down its most popular channel "Premium Joi" (comedies) because of that, we might expect a launch of Sky Comedy also in Italy
Not sure about Germany, and not sure about Sky Crime
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I don't think it's any coincidence that Sky are launching a Crime Channel, following the closure of Sony Crime Channel 2, then the short-lived True Crime, and now the possible closure of Sony Crime Channel.