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'' Syfy's losing it's channel number to Sky Documentaries, so can we be sure that channel will survive at all? ''
I'd say yes as it's still airing new shows like The Twilight Zone reboot from next Tuesday (10 episodes)
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Sky History's logo literally is a mess. Having the History icon clashing with the word mark doesn't work. At that point, just call it Sky H if you're that desperate to put the icon on the logo.

I can't help feeling this logo is probably an interim measure to ensure people know it's still the same channel. Once established under the new name, I would expect it to end up with a more generic Sky style logo.
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Rivals of both Sky Channels launching in Spring
Sky Nature: Animal Planet, Discovery, Nat Geo (might be more)
Sky Documentaries: Channel 5 (mainly because theirs too much documentaries on the channel)
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