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New regional ITV1 weather

(January 2002)

ohwhatanight Founding member
In the Carlton and some other itv1 regions - the local weather is all changing and i was wondering if anyone knows who is going to be presenting and what the graphics are going to be like?
Nick Harvey Founding member West Country (East) Points West
Yes thank you. Wink
If your just going to post something like that, then don't bother. As you may or may not be aware, there is a bandwidth shortage on this forum, and post like that just waste more of it.
Nick Harvey Founding member West Country (East) Points West
Oh goodness me, I AM sorry. Humour really IS wasted most of the time in this place, isn't it.

I WAS actually making YOUR point for you, by albeit sarcastically, indicating that there was already a thread open on this topic, and opening another was a waste of bandwidth.

Sorry I tried to do it in as few characters as I did, and obviously made it fly straight over your head.

I have already PM'd Asa, yesterday, with a suggestion to ease the bandwidth problem.
WELL you COULD have put a link to the existing thread, and then asked one of the mods to CLOSE the thread.....

EDIT: And here is the link to the existing thread:

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Central News have just shown the new weather maps in their GMTV bulletin. The map is 3D, and so are the symbols. Very rapidly, it changes from from one sub-region to the next. You have to be quick to see the forecast. There is a kind of dotty banner in the top left corner too. We'll just have to wait and see what the main weather bulletins are like.
Lester Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
The new graphics are rubbish - look 10 years old - have Carlton Central cut its ties with WSI which have been doing Central Weather for 10 years now - what about Charlie Neil and Emma Jesson - what will happen to them??
aztec west
what's happened to the weather on carlton central?
can't they leave things as they are?
i hope the current weathergirls aren't made redundant.
Nick Harvey Founding member West Country (East) Points West
Hey, watch out folks, I wouldn't use this thread, or the Milly Monster will throw all his toys out of his pram again!

I've put a capture of the new HTV West look, at lunchtime today, on the other thread.

See the link above to get there.
HTV have just unveiled their new look weather forecast and here in Wales the presenter is Charlie Neil.....she hasn't been made redundant then! Posh opening sequence, better than that drab weather vane they were using! The graphics are alright too Smile
However, the old website address was on the end caption Surprised

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harshy Founding member
Interesting, I will check out CARLTON Central's weather tonight!

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