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Probably a good point to link to some old threads...
- Sept 2003: https://tvforum.uk/tvhome/top-of-the-pops-thread-6357/ (November revamp on page 14)
- Nov 2004: https://tvforum.uk/tvhome/pops-axed-bbc1-13308/ (TOTP axed from BBC1 / moved to BBC2)
- June 2006: https://tvforum.uk/tvhome/pops-axed-21153/ (TOTP Axed)

I seem to recall towards the end they did try different things out, such as having a sofa area where they could talk to guests/artists. However I seem to recall such features didn't go down to well (at least on here), particularly from long standing viewers who wanted the traditional TOTP format of live music. I'd imagine using a new name allows the producers the flexibility to play with the format, and not feel forced into only having songs played.

Also with TOTP essentially being off-air in it's weekly format for over a decade they'd need to marketing/advertising it to a young generation who probably barely remember it. Normally in such instances of a show returning / being revived they'd refer back to the programme's history and clips from the early days, which suffice to say would be a problem for TOTP.

Going back to the press release I did note the line... "The artist host will be sprinkling their own stardust over proceedings and making every episode a complete one-off." ...If they're doing this I hope they look more towards the Friday Night Project and not at The Nightly Show (unless learning lessons from it).
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Ah, so this'll be the entertainment show that Greg James had chosen to take on, rather than hosting the Ashes on BT. It would also have been very difficult for him to continue doing his R1 show whilst in Australia, too, so this wasn't the only stumbling block, of course.
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