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New plans for Granada Studios site approved

(January 2017)

Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Plans have been approved to turn part of the Granada Studios site into "The Factory", an art space with a 5000 capacity warehouse venue for concerts and a further theatre space hosting 1600-2300. Seems to be made with the intention of being an arts venue but hopefully we'll still see the odd TV event come from there too.

This is only for part of the site. With The Crystal Maze taking another part is that the whole site covered now?
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
DJGM Granada North West Today
So we know the former Corrie set is currently being (or has been) demolished and the main Granada TV office block is also very likely to be bulldozed, do we know exactly what's happening to the actual TV studios?
"The Not-So-Late-Show with Greg Mitchell" will hopefully return in some form, somewhere soon.
Unlikely to be on Roch Valley Radio though.

Stay tuned . . .
ashley b Founding member Granada North West Today
The Granada Office building is not being demolished, it's being converted into a hotel. The studios are being retained and used for art, music and performances. There's a website with the plans for the whole area (to be known as 'St John's) here (this is the link to the page about the studios):
Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today
I can't put my finger on why, but it seems such an odd development - a bit half baked. I can imagine huge swathes of the area being left empty for much of the year, with a couple of community events during the summer.
The Factory is intended to be the home of the Manchester International Festival I think
Gonzo, really needs a new signature.
Mr Kite Granada North West Today
Surely a reference to Factory Records and the late Anthony Wilson.
yogibarney Granada North West Today
gonzo posted:
The Factory is intended to be the home of the Manchester International Festival I think

I understand The Factory will be managed by Manchester International Festival
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