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New Look Granada Weather Graphics

The same olf places still (December 2003)

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Ben Shatliff
It may seem a rather trivia topic to bring up, but I wonder if the Regional Weather Centre in Leeds have ever considered updating the Weather Graphics.

They have been the sme now for over two years and at one time in the Granada Region, we had the names of different places each day.

I wondered if the other Regions keep to the same names or if there are likely to be any changes at some stage.?.
On itv1NE&NY or Tyne Tees or C3NE or whatever it's called this week, we get variety. When Newcastle based Bob Johnson presents, we get different names plus the place name anagram, we also get a little quote on the title slide. When Leeds produce the bulletin we get the "generic" map, although I think most of the weather presenters at Leeds are fine.

Speaking of which - is Simon Gilbert still about ?
South Today
BlaydononTyne posted:

Speaking of which - is Simon Gilbert still about ?

He appeared on Calendar's Lunchtime News yesterday!
This Is Granada
Talking of Granada Weather, On Granada TV for the past 2 days its been Jon, and yesterday he thanked us for the christmas cards, and today he had a Santa Hat on.

I am sick of seeing Jon on Granada Weather! We have not had 'The Gosney' for ages. I know she was on Border Weather yesterday, but why is she not doing granada. I am missing her Winks, and 'See ya soon' at the end of the weather. And I was interested to see if she said anything like Jon because its Xmas? Wonder if she has had a Santa Hat on too? So does anyone Know where she is these days!!
This Is Granada posted:
I am sick of seeing Jon on Granada Weather! We have not had 'The Gosney' for ages.

'The Gosney' was on Granada Weather the other day, I think it was Monday. But I have to agree of getting sick of Jon Mitchell, but he tries to make it festive with the graphics and the ties he wears. We don't get Simon Gilbert to Debbie Lindley often, but the good news is we get Jo Blythe quite often as she is my favourite out of all of them.

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