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GMTV's Sunday Programme appeared to have a new DOG this morning, or at least one I haven't seen before. It was the main GMTV logo, with the GM in a sun - sometimes used on trailers. Looked not too bad. Will this mean a new look GMTV on Monday? Obviously the studio isn't changing, but that DOG is in serious need of a facelift.

Get GMTV to a place in the London Studios with a nice view of the London skyline - obviously not in the LNN studio. It's hardly a small building, I'm sure they can find somewhere else with a decent view. More effort is needed with GMTV's studios, there's a lot of potential but it's wasted.
Big Phil
Owen Thomas?!?! He is so cool! I hope you're right!
HAS anyone else noticed that at the start of the GMTV news bulletins they now have headlines???

these were not there before i thought!


ps - correct me if i'm wrong - you do normally Smile
The Crowdman
GMTV appears to be using two different logos in tandem right now...
1. as seen in the 'GMTV Today' and 'See U Tomorrow' icons, with the GM in a sun and TV in blue next to it
2. as seen in trailers, on 'Up On The Roof' and on GMTV2 (with added 2) - the logo is a circle, half of which is curved off for a 'semi-sun' with GM in it, with TV next to that but still within the circle. (This one reminds me of the new Burger King logo!)
I did think the circular one would take over fulltime on GMTV (1) when GMTV2 launched but not so far...
Re: New look for GMTV.

I think it certainly needs one but I think the major casualty that needs cosmetic surgery is GMTV2. It has no dog, it's stings or whatever are ghastly and the programming is awful. No presenter or anything!

All it does is show pre schoolers programmes and at weekends show the Sunday Programme an hour later!
What's the point?
Richard A
Can we see some screengrabs of the different GMTV DOGs, and maybe some from GMTV2 (I thought it was the same as GMTV, only signed?)
No. GMTV2 shows Kids programmes all the time! Except for on Suns with the Sunday Programme. I'm not sure if that's signed though!

I have seen,however, GMTV be shon on GMTV2 - like on Get up and Give week and it was the exact same but with signing when Penny read the news!

It's a complete waste and the programmes are few and far between. I'd get you a screenshot if I could just to show you how pathetic it is and utterly wasted!
I hope GMTV gets a new look. They really need to change the clock. It's been the same for they last 7 or so years.