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I'm TV-cardless, and I'm on my hands and knees:( ... EMAIL ME IT PLZ ASA!!!Very Happy

(Edited by Conrad at 12:30 am on Aug. 4, 2001)
Asa, could you email it to me, or upload it and post a link - i'd love to have that tune Smile

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I've found the name of the group. Brace yourselves, here it comes...

It was 2 Brave .

Phew, that's that one sorted out. The suspense was killing me. I need a drink.
THANK U SO BLOODY MUCH!!Very Happy (I never thought the Internet could be a boy's best friend!) I'm gonna search all day til I find it!Razz:
Thanks Jenny! Bugging me all night and all morning, that was!
Who cares?! All I want's that MP3! Thanks Asa, you've made my day - nope, year in fact!Very Happy I've just heard it, and it sounds very, erm, early 90s! ('You're Unbelieveable' etc etc - I think! Brings back me toddlerhood!). Thanks! I'll treasure it with all me heart!

Now, what about that 'Where's Andi Peters' 1991 clip you emailed me about?! I want that too plz! :D

P.S. I bet this theme was played in the background of the broomcupboard presenters!!!

(Edited by Conrad at 2:46 pm on Aug. 4, 2001)
I wish I got as excited about erm, mp3s as much as you! Smile

the last time I got excited about anything on the net was downloading the original files from Isonstine TV back in April.

Fans of I-TV will be pleased to say that it will be relauched with the merging of UKTV and I-TV, this October - with new, fresh content of course (oh and a new name! Wink)