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We're less than a week into these new "idents" and I'm still thinking "WTF?!?" when I see them, especially the clean version above.

We can really only hope forthcoming, yet to be filmed, Onemess "idents" are at least in some way an improvement on what we've got now. They couldn't possibly be any worse ... could they?

I'm not at all optimistic about subsequent ones being any better. I sincerely hope I get proved wrong!
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Excellent insight from Lambie Nairn about the state of BBC branding - its clearly not been done properly, but I hope for improvements with the unfilmed 'oneness' idents. The first two are terrible, but the set can certainly improve.
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Gluben posted:

Hi Martin,

Is there a way you can possibly liaise to the BBC Creative team? The idents for both BBC One and BBC Two are simply appalling!

Hang on, the idents currently airing on BBC Two were done by LN weren't they?

Ha, yeah, just noticed that! Mind you, they are the old 90s ones, but yeah, only just spotted that mistake! Embarassed
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My father before the 6 o'clock news said "Look, they're off again!" at the swimmers as they turn around and walk into the sea.

I said, "Where do you reckon they're swimming to?"

He said "Calais!" Laughing

Which according to my phone, is a hell of a swim from Clevedon!!! Even by land and sea, the fastest route is 4 hours and 39 minutes assuming no traffic delays.
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I'm not being funny, but I assume MLN was happy about his private email being cut and pasted into the public domain ? He's expressed opinions ( that we all concur with) but in any business, especially da medja, it's not always wise to expose what you might think, it can prejudice any possible future engagement
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Anyone seen the Let It Shine trail. The star doesn't appear to be dead in the centre of the image, but the overlaid graphics are, which results in the graphics not marrying up properly. Most noticable is the BBC One 'O' which you would have thought should align in the centre of the central star cut out.

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