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did they conclude, exactly what I've been thinking since the lockdown started, that the Oneness idents are unsuitable in a world of social distancing?

I am utterly amazed it is taking them this long to ditch them, considering how pernickety they're being about other things, e.g. reminding us in the announcement before Eastenders that is was filmed before the current Coranavirus situation etc.
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Yes, totally agree Steve in Pudsey! The flashing blue lights adds some visual flair to the ident, whilst hammering home social distancing, the role of the emergency services in the crisis, the police enforcing the lockdown rules and the support everyone can show towards the NHS - in a symbol of Oneness.

Obviously, there would be different groups of people clapping in different locations but all with the same clear message.

Plus they'd have the footage ready to go and available. And if not, they could carefully place some cameramen in desirable locations tomorrow night and every Thursday to gradually grow the portfolio of idents. Obviously to show the support to the NHS, not to provoke people play acting to the camera knowing they might feature in an upcoming ident.

Rather than a group of folk standing gawping lethargically at the camera as we have now.
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My only problem with the clapping ident is the flashing lights may trigger photosensitive viewers but it could definitely work.
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Some potential excellent Clapping material for new Oneness idents tonight!

This weekly coverage of gatherings of more than 2 people not stood 2 meters appart clapping is far more problematic than idents that everyone knows were filmed years ago. Rolling Eyes

And the police standing outside hospitals are the worst for it.
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