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And the new year starts with an unchallenged political protest. This stunt was known about in advance so why on earth the BBC hadn't prepared an alternative non political soundtrack is a mystery.

Because that literally would have been fake news. The big FU to Brexiteers was quite welcome by many and it would have been utterly disgraceful for the BBC to edit if out.

The irony there is that the people who have done nothing but moan, slag off our country, sulk, protest, cry, create divisions and criticise the democratic right of people to have an opinion are not Brexiteers.

I actually did not even notice any political statement in the firework display. It was only afterwards that it was brought to my attention and that's when i laughed when I learned that more Londoners voted to leave the EU than voted for sadiq khan to be Mayor! The ongoing whinging of everybody over Brexit is as dull and monotonous as Oneness.
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The ongoing whinging of everybody over Brexit is as dull and monotonous as Oneness.

Agreed ...and I voted to stay !

Nobody voted for Oneness.

But a lot of people on here wanted the Circles replaced, not knowing what a replacement would really entail. I suspect now we know the details, many would change their mind. Wink
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Thames going for the 'let's use the ITV template but slightly change the font' for the credits to Greatest Dancer Very Happy

I did notice that.

People were hoping ITV would drop their black credits in 2019. Instead they’ve spread to BBC One as well!

I've seen ITV credits on the BBC and other broadcasters a few times before, with the same font, on programmes made for them by ITV (or production companies owned by ITV).