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Same old idents.

It was always going to be. Why did you think otherwise?

I didn't, but some people here clearly did.

That said, wasn’t there talk of “two years” or similar when they launched?

Personally I’d rather see that “ribbons” logo (seen briefly on the BBC Scotland goof above) as an ident. Plonk “ONE” on it and job’s a good ‘un. I’m half serious.
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That said, wasn’t there talk of “two years” or similar when they launched?

I thought it was a "year-long collaboration" between Martin Parr and the BBC that was originally cited at the beginning of 2017, as per the link below.


However, it clearly meant Parr would be shooting the idents for a year but the idents would be on air for the rest of eternity.
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Periods of blue and yellow fireworks during songs including 'stay' and 'don't leave'.

Meh, even if that did happen, I agree with it.

As did the institution who organised it - the office of the London Mayor, hence the 'London is open' slogans at the beginning - it's damage limitation.

The theme of the fireworks this year was 'Britain's relationship with Europe'. Not much the BBC can do about it, except not show them
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I’ve never understood why they go back to normal idents immediately after Midnight.

Or indeed on New Years Day at all and they don’t wait until the 2nd

I agree. It worked to do so when they used New Years idents with the ‘love...’, winter animated idents or to launch new ones, but to go back to the old ones on a day that features programming from their Christmas line ups (such as Doctor Who) is a little odd.

Couldn’t they have filmed the crowd facing the other way off the pier and added some fireworks in post production to have a simple new year Ident?
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And the new year starts with an unchallenged political protest. This stunt was known about in advance so why on earth the BBC hadn't prepared an alternative non political soundtrack is a mystery.

Because that literally would have been fake news. The big FU to Brexiteers was quite welcome by many and it would have been utterly disgraceful for the BBC to edit if out.
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