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Nothing formally confirmed on that thread from what I can see, just speculation.

That said, I agree with you- BBC One will almost certainly have made something new for Christmas.

I think considering last year's was very distinctive and the promo was seen as something of an 'event', it'd be like John Lewis re-running a previous Christmas advert if they used it again.

The kiddy snowflakes and the giant snowball which were repeated, were an extension of the channel's existing branding, so to an extent, they got away with it. If last year's idents were Oneness themed 'Ice-skaters, Solihull' or 'Panto actors, Saffron Walden' looking gormlessly at a wobbly camera , they could probably wheel them out again, rather like ITV do with theirs.

BIB- we were all expecting something along those lines last Christmas and were pleasantly surprised when we got The Supporting Act ones instead. I've a horrible feeling that this year's efforts may be more in keeping with the normal ones. I really do hope I get proved wrong!

Yes, let’s hope we don’t get Scroogeness.
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