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Nice to see a 2015/16 type sting back for CIN Very Happy
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Did Strictly accidentally cut in a shot from rehearsals tonight when introducing Dave Arch and his orchestra? They're usually all very dressed up and you could see they were in Gloria Estefan's opener, but were all dressed in normal clothes when Tess introduced them, and they cut away from the shot too early, as if they'd realised the error?
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New xmas pres launching next weekend???

Ie around doctor who?
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Last year's stop-motion Christmas idents for BBC One were an unexpected surprise and a welcome change from the standard Oneness idents. Even the newer non-Christmas ones are very, very slightly better than the initial batch. I'm intrigued to know what we'll be getting this year. And I'm especially looking forward to the first BBC Two Christmas ident since the re-brand.
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I asked the BBC when can we expect this year's festive idents, and they would not give a date. They said there was no announcement yet from presentation, and that was on 22nd November, so it is a wait and see. Don't expect much from them, as each year, thinking of new idents for Christmas seems to be a strain now for them, which is why ITV reuse their same batch from 2013 with little updates.