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“Here are more scraps of entertainment for you, grateful fans - aren’t I the cleverest and funniest person that existed?” - Peter Kay

It's horribly ironic that, during the Live and Back on Nights documentary, he said something along the lines of comedy material having a shelf life, and that you can't keep doing routines over and over again "unless you're Ken Dodd".

I've never known a performer to squeeze every last drop out of his work with the least amount of effort he can. I'm starting to wonder if people are starting to catch wind and go off him a bit. I remember the response to his last appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show being lukewarm at best.

To be fair, it’s been the same for years.

For example his annual DVD releases where sometimes the new DVD was actually the same tour as the previous one, and then on other times when the DVD was basically ‘extras’ with no main event.
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I'm not sure if there was initially an obit ident in the 2002 set. For the death of the Queen Mother they used both a still from 'Ballet', and a blurred photo of the 'Capoeira' dancers, which was the background for menus and was also supposed to the background to the unused clock, but I don't know if it was ever intended to be used as a serious news ident

The intention for an obit was to have a still of an ident to lead lead into the newsflash. Hence when the Queen Mother died, the still of the ballet dancers on One and the still of the Two on the other side. If it had been a few weeks earlier or would have been a still of the balloon

Not sure about the menu backgrounds but you're probably right about Capoeria. It did seem to be the standard flagship neutral ident.
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He was supposed to be on tour right now? Which means he should have had time to do this... Makes me wonder if this was unplanned extra series, to cover himself?

Though the reason he cancelled his tour is because he had family commitments that meant he couldn't work (an ill child it is thought).

Not that the compilation would have taken any of his input tour or not, it's just very lazy telly
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I am sure something similar has been discussed before, but yesterday I saw yet another example of the "oneness" diatribe being replaced as it was inappropriate.

This is obviously from the previous package.

Honestly, good on Network for actually showing a serious ident at this time.
But I wonder, if the Queen's death was announced, how would they introduce the running news bulletins? Would they use that same ident but in monochrome or would they use a BBC logo instead like they did with Diana's death back in 1997?

You mean this one:
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Not sure about the menu backgrounds but you're probably right about Capoeria. It did seem to be the standard flagship neutral ident.

It was definitely the standard background to slides/menus etc which didn't have programme-specific images.


Yes, sorry that’s what I meant - that it was the generic 2002-look background, not an obit specific background
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What on earth was that slide shown after Breakfast this morning promoting Andrew Marr?

The BBC One logo was in a weird place and it was just black and white and using Reith.
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Completely non-standard slide design. Reith text + badly positioned/proportioned/coloured BBC One logo (BBC NI corrected the latter on their version). Scotland opted for a now/later graphic (with badly positioned/sized text (compare the size of 'Match of the' with 'Day') - AND the time for Marr is also wrong). Wales skipped the Marr promotion completely.



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