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Stuart7,213 posts since 13 Oct 2003
Westcountry Spotlight
Just caught this ident, I presume it's new.

I'm really not sure what a 'Steel Pan Band' at the Lido in Plymouth has to do with anything relating to BBC One. But, hey-ho, I'm at "oneness" with everyone else who thinks this concept is a pile of . . . .


I much preferred seeing the balloon floating over somewhere I recognised, rather than thinking - WTF are they doing there! Mad
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Si-Co2,082 posts since 2 Oct 2003
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I think there are 26 different themes/location settings (excluding Forest and any “one-off” or programme-specific idents such as Pitch Battle). Some have more than one version, so if counting each of these separately you’re pretty much spot on - my mental arithmetic makes it 35 individual idents, or 36 if we include Forest.

ISTR that originally there was planned to be 24 different themes/locations - and we now have at least two more than that. How many more will we be subjected to I wonder?
Cut out the coupon in your TV Times!
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UTV Newsline
Probably 3 more and then we'll have the Christmas ones back, all before a brand new, slick presentation package for BBC ONE debuts on 1st January 2019.

What? A man can dream, can't he?
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