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................................................ I don't see
................................................ what the problem is.

I'm with you on this Jonny I don't see a problem with the end board. If I wanted to be pedantic I'd say the only thing that's a problem is using a . between the 9 and 0 rather than a :

9:00 rather than 9.00 looks better
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Just appeared on network. Oh dear.



WIth an odd rotating one/iPlayer logo.

Based on direct observation, they have been experimenting with a few different trail endboards for BBC One over the last few months.

This trail endboard though....damn that's terrible.
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Seems to be some kind of issue with Network CA tonight. No VO at the end credits of HIGNFY and the ident was clean leading into the next programme 'Home From Home'.

This is probably why.. it's pissing the CAs off.
No announcement over ident into Green Party election broadcast... Was Mr Lydiate locked in the loo?

Apparently, they're having problems with the new continuity booths that were 'cheaply' installed - it has a digital desk, so if things go wrong they can't override. Some have had to pre-record their annos apparently just to make it to air, on a bad day. Plus there's over compression. (in case any soundie TVFers have noticed)
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Just seen that endboard on screen. Not great. I got used to the ITV one but something about the BBC’s ripoff just seems...wrong. Why tweak things to look worse?

And is there something a bit odd about the circles animation and old ident music still being used for the 90 second update?
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Is that the reason for this breakdown that went unnoticed for over a minute a few months back? Not able to override it immediately?

Unlikely to be anything to do with the announcers sound desk issue dbl mentions above as that won't affect the directors ability to cut the vision away from a fault. Looks like it was just someone not paying attention, I think it was late at night.

Also the new playout suites only came online this year, so that snooker was going through the old one.

Of course it could just be that the announcer was indisposed or that a backup suite was being used that doesn't have an announcer to hand
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