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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

"Watch this space" as BBC Creative respond to ident change request (December 2016)

Adam Till (previously SillyTilly9) Central (West) Midlands Today
BBC One Scotland aired Christmas Bauble into Mrs Brown so first showing will be on Network
MMcG198 UTV Newsline
Oh good i set my recorder for the right time. Watch out there should be 2min promo for 2017.

You needn't have bothered. BBC One Scotland still using the Christmas Tree Bauble ident at 12.37pm.
Rex London London
BBC One Scotland might have the first showing.

No new ident - straight to Bauble.
Inspector Sands
The fact it's Martin Parr does give me a bit of hope that they could be interesting. He has a quirky take on life
Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
From that article they sound very similar to ITV's idents, but I suppose the deciding factor will be how stylised they are, will they just be flat footage, or will there be some graphical elements or clever camerawork (like say how the ITV hearts or Channel 4 council flat blocks were)
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
The 2017 promo obviously didn't get the memo on the new slogan then - the BBC Scotland version using the swirl of oneness but with "The One to Watch" slogan.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
Custard56 London
These sound like they may date very quickly. I hope I'm proven wrong, especially if this is indeed the full scale rebrand that article suggests.
A former member
What the hell there 6mins late again... Laat year there had scots squard speical. Im off to enjoy the rest of hogmanany
Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I bet TV Forum members have never watched so much Robbie Williams. Is he ever going to wrap it up?
Rex London London
Robbie Rocks Big Live now overrunning by four minutes as of time of writing.
Wicko Meridian (South) South Today
I bet TV Forum members have never watched so much Robbie Williams. Is he ever going to wrap it up?

I'm slipping into a coma!
If we only get one life, why does it take several attempts to get it right?
I'm telling you why he's over-running, come closer. Closer, I won't bite. (he only gets employed 1 day a year)
Fan of the media industry from the UK.

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