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I too loved the January 2015 idents and hoped that they would become a new set with variations through the years. They'd definitely be better than oneness, even if they were used as a stop gap approach.

Let's hope that they've learned their lessons from last Christmas and create a lovely christmas package after this year of dullness. The film that they made for last Christmas wasn't bad, but the idents were rubbish. Clearly a marketing team pushed the idea of a Christmas advert style film before thinking about the idents and branding of a TV channel.

Then again at least BBC One gets something at Christmas. Poor BBC Two & Four have to rely on old ideas.
Maybe they should create a Christmas brand with characters;
I'm thinking more:


Though at least sprout boy was much more festive than
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there were very bland, look like they were knocked up in somebodies lunch break.

Unlike Oneness which look like they were knocked up in somebodies tea break.

i'm not defending oneness either, it's equally dull.

i think idents, stings completely composed of cgi tend to look very bad - 90s-esq unless of course a great deal of time and skill is taken to compose and create them.

i'm pretty sure i could knock something up like the "love" stings in blender in just a couple of hours - it's just dull - it's just a handful of keyframes, a material emitter, and not much else.

another good example of the lazy use of cgi in idents are those used on bbc two for tennis and snooker - they looked awful on screen - in fact, even worse than the typical cgi you were able to create on an amiga during the 1990s.

the oneness idents shot by martin parr just missed the mark, not least because oneness as a concept is meaningless.

combining great photography and skilled cgi artists will create an identity that's aesthetically pleasing and interesting - the current and previous channel 4 idents are great examples of this - say what you like about the branding or lack of, the production values and skill which went into the most recent set, has created something interesting - the previous set really spoiled us, specially diner, tokyo - great ideas brilliantly executed.

i stumbled across the 2011 sky atlantic idents the other day on youtube - again, those are primarily 'people' idents, yet, the execution is interesting and the blending between cgi and real is difficult to spot (add to that the sky movies disney idents that were much the same)

it's possible, with a little bit of effort and imagination that everything the bbc has done presentation wise, conceptually could have been awesome... they've just got lazy.
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One, of at least two, Gunpowder stings.

Witnessed another before Pointless but didn't manage to capture it.
This is the one shown in the junction before Pointless. (it's Ep. 1 of 3 tonight, so bound to be shown next Saturday night):