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Okay, is it my ears or there is there practically no audio design? I can hear birds tweeting from outside as I sit and type this. I can record this and send it to the BBC to play over the ident and it'd sound much better. It's insane to think in an era where dead air in considered so detrimental that something this bland can go on the air. If they wanted silence, go back to the f**king globe.
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What's wrong with it? Confused

The word 'Wales' looks off-centre in both the recon symbol and the screencap of the original. It's very jarring...

I assume it's to do with the italics. The centring of the text adheres to the slight diagonal orientation from the BBC line in relation to the Wales line. Looks awkward.

Less noticeably an issue in the longer Scotland and Northern Ireland text. Or on the first generation design. Must have been noticed by both Welsh pres and viewers at the time - surprised it wasn't slightly tweaked.

In hindsight, I quite like that 1991-97 globe - at the time I found the design rather busy and less eye-catching than its predecessor. Nowadays of course one can't help but compare it to what we have today, where it's significantly more appealing.
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Is this whole "Oneness" thing just temporary? They really are the most dull, inconsequential set of idents that the BBC have ever done.

A year-long campaign according to the BBC. Cannot see it lasting beyond 2017.
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