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New ITV1 Logos

(September 2001)

Steve Hyden
There was talk of new genric Itv1 logos being made. Any news when they will go on air?
As far as I know, it was only after ONdigital became ITV Digital that the decision to rename ITV as ITV1 was taken.

Therefore it was a rushed-job to make the on-screen changes - hence why it's just the existing idents except with an ITV1 logo tacked underneath, instead of an ITV logo.

I would imagine that, allowing time for a proper new look to be sucessfully designed, any such new look will not materialise until much later in the autumn - maybe not until November.

We don't want a hastily-designed logo now do we? Remember Tyne Tees' ill-fated 'Channel 3 North East' logo? Allegedly designed in one afternoon - and look how awful it was!

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