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marksi2,347 posts since 9 Feb 2003
Looks like the clean feed they are getting is an output of the network emergency cut router, which doesn't have a synchroniser on it. I'm surprised they don't have a "clean" feed and the network one.
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Actually the Back Soon caption is like the regional ITV1 idents - logo centred and with "Back Soon" in the same style and font as the regional identification.

London-generated, I'm sure!
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marksi posted:
It won't just be a problem on server events, it'll be like that on every single change of source.

Correct. There is currently no picture sync between sources on that feed. Having looked it at, it isn't as bad as I had thought after reading this thread initially.

Incidentally, re the switches to/from ITN output - there have been problems there for some time...even on the main Network feed. It tends to occur only during Night-time broadcasts. The picture distortion is usually a lot more severe than that being experienced on the so called clean feed that UTV are using at the moment. The picture break up usually starts 3/4 secs before the switch to ITN and continues for a similar duration afterwards. Curiously, I've noticed a similar problem from time-to-time around ITN programming on Channel 4 and Five.

No such issues at the BBC though. They prefer sticking Radio Times captions up during programmes. Rolling Eyes Having had an early start on a couple of occasions this week, I also managed to catch BBC TWO symbol audio playing over Learning Zone output from around 5.30am. Are BBC Network Pres capable of producing a day of flawless output??
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I watched the junctions around Emmerdale tonight (I know, sad)... and the flashing seems to have gone.

The clean-ish feed remains though, as UTV did their own End Credit Promo.

Have they managed to get a sync-ed version of the clean feed they were using earlier in the week, or are they deftly cutting between the clean feed and the old dirty feed as and when each is needed? Any one from UTV on this forum?

Whatever they are doing the result around Emmerdale tonight seemed ok.
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Just wondering, how come do you find that on the first clip - football advert - UTV logo-Paul O' Grady, did the guy speak and then the music - surely, it should have been music guy intro. to programme? Or are UTV always doing this? (BTW I am ITV Lon & Merid.) but the profile doesen't seem to show it.