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Big Phil
And here's Mark Owen reading the news headlines:
Davidjb1,510 posts since 23 Mar 2001
Central news at six (east midlands) studio is brilliant. it is so adaptable and looks very modern. I did like the previous studio to that but it was short lived as central changed to carlton.
Big Phil
Yes, I like Central's East Midlands studio as well, although I've only seen pictures of it! I like the seat and desk - they look really good and, as you say, modern. Nice and colourful studio, too.
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Big Phil posted:
For the benefit of those who've not seen Granada Tonight, here's some images:
Mark Owen ¥right¤ handing over to Alistair Mann ¥left¤ for the sport©

It's actually a very nice studio in my opinion, but the graphics aren't up to much© More in a min©©©

It would look quite good if they just changed the colour of the background to blue and stuck a desk in!
Anyway, Mark Owen has left now, someone was saying he 'Left' over sexual harrasment charges or something similar©