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cat2,517 posts since 4 Jan 2003
What is the new presenter like?
I simply cannot watch, the moment that crappy aston appeared at 6pm went insane, I am not sure there can be cure for this.
So what does this mean? We are stuck for another few years with this worthless junk?
Andrew12,317 posts since 27 Mar 2001
The effect of Granada's new time for Granada Tonight was felt in Yorkshire.

Usually, the 5.30pm annoucement was 'Coming Up in half an hour Calendar, but now on Yorkshire, its the Wheel of Fortune!', as YTV were the only one of the 4 channels that come from Leeds to show it.

But from today, it changed to 'Coming Up in half an hour, a round up of the news from right around our region, but first, its the Wheel of Fortune!'.
cat2,517 posts since 4 Jan 2003
The show is now 30 mins long, yet they still managed to put in a 'Fluffy Toy' story, this was about a dog who had done something really wonderful, run.
The new presenter is actually quite good, they have cut out the trash and filled it with move relevant stuff, like news for instance.
They have removed the sofa part of the studio, and given that bit to Lunchtime Live (a 30 min 'This Morning' for the North West, although it isn't that bad)
In place of the sofa they have cut off a tiny bit of the studio and put 3 chairs down and a small table, you see, we thought it was a temporary measure so they could sort out the rest of the studio, oh how wrong can you be.
And what happened to that trailer? They created that for what purpose? They have cut the show down to 30 mins before, was it just there to confuse everyone??
Big Phil

Ah well, Lunchtime Live was good though. Bob Greaves! Fantastic! And I was wondering only the other week what Eamon O'Neal was up to nowadays (although I couldn't remember his name, I thought they had got someone new for the program when I heard the name the other week).

Granada Tonight is not that bad. The news bulletins from Granada look a lot better now they have the side picture next to the presenter, although the astons still need to go!

Unless they've done a UKTV and are still putting the finishing touches... nah, doubt it.
cat2,517 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Oh come off it. Even Border manage to put together a better regional news programme than Granada.
Granada Tonight is the only flagship regional news programme not to have a desk, that just about says it all.
It is bad bad bad.
Don't go and make excuses for them, there can be no excuse for such a bad programme.
Square Eyes7,253 posts since 31 Mar 2001
Well as this was a kind of mini relaunch I fear you may be stuck with this look for a while yet. No new weather graphics either ?? Somebody should take the Granada producer to MFI or IKEA to have a look at some desks.
Big Phil
The have a desk, but they obviously don't want to use it. They used it for the lunchtime roundups up until fairly recently, and once for when they were covering some sort of election. It's a dark grey semi-circular one, and it's actually quite nice.

Also, I feel that I need to praise the presenters. They must be some of the best on ITV's regional news from what I've seen. Especially Rachel Harrison! I wonder what James Cooper does now he's been ousted by Rob?
Quote: from cheshirec on 8:24 pm on April 17,
Granada Tonight is the only flagship regional news programme not to have a desk, that just about says it all.

WRONG Central News at Six (East Midlands) have a very nice sofa/coffee table combination.  It is relatively authoritative when it needs to be and your guaranteed a good selection of two-ways in every show, something that is rarely seen in BBC East Midlands today.

They must be doing something right as they are 'The East Midlands Favourite'
cat2,517 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Yes, but as you well know they sit behind a sort of mini desk, a bit like the after 8am section on Breakfast, only the desk is larger, Granada just have a coffee table and 2 chairs, the two sets are very different.
Big Phil
For the benefit of those who've not seen Granada Tonight, here's some images:
Mark Owen (right) handing over to Alistair Mann (left) for the sport.

It's actually a very nice studio in my opinion, but the graphics aren't up to much. More in a min...