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Wasn't keen on the set-up of the celebrity interview too much - once I understood that they were spacing it out it felt a bit better but at first it seemed strange to introduce a guest and then go on to not really interview them! Besides that it definitely felt a lot better than the last series - chemistry in the VTs seemed better than it did in the studio links, with Le Blanc not coming across as the most natural autocue reader (incidentally, did they use an autocue last series? This is the first time I've seen one in use on Top Gear, with the Clarkson, Hammond and May stuff coming across much more natural in the studio). The car review VT was the exact kind of thing you could see one of the old trio doing, as was the main challenge of the episode - some of the lines Chris Harris came out with could have been said by James May!

Ultimately, much much better than the last series, to the extent I quite enjoyed it! I felt that last series they tried to downplay any contribution Clarkson, Hammond and May had ever made to the series, not really acknowledging them besides an 'and on that bombshell' joke at the end of the first episode), whereas they seemed more comfortable accepting it this time, reverting to the original test track, talking about old reasonably priced cars and even the times two of the trio had appeared on old Top Gear in the car!
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For those curious the 7 day ratings on Barb for the current series are as follows...
- w/e 5 Mar 2017: 3.77m
- w/e 12 Mar 2017: 3.6m
- w/e 19 Mar 2017: 3.13m
- w/e 26 Mar 2017: 3.17m
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