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There's already a nod to Clarkson's delivery in the intro. I can hear the angry Twitterati typing right now.

With this, the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot and a women running for US presidency I think Twitter might just implode before 2016 ends. There's only so much change angry, insular, men can take.
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It's interesting how much actually hasn't changed. I imagine a lot of regular viewers will be happy with this.

Got to agree, it's better than I was expecting already. Haven't ever really been a fan of Evans. Main niggle so far is him trying to do the Clarkson style jokes in the opening sequence. I think they should drop that
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The visual style of the show is pretty much unchanged, which considering how good it was is nice to see. But as already said, the show itself is quite strange in that they've left enough of old Top Gear in to make it recognisable as Top Gear (just about), and changed an awful lot of stuff.
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So, they've got rid of the news section - which stops the slew of 'Why is Evans trying to be Clarkson?' comments - and yet, the Matt LeBlanc nomad off road film, could have basically been shot and scripted for Richard Hammond.

But, despite my mind wandering off to wonder who is providing the studio ob cameras, and if the screen facing the interview area, was a proper led screen, or keyed in post- post - it's Top Gear, but with a slightly new paint job, however you can still see the old colours in the rust marks around the old drivers door.
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The news section has been relegated to "Extra Gear" which resides on BBC Three, and is presented by the one of the relatively unknown presenting team.

Which makes sense when you consider that the 'news' section was normally cut out of the version sold to other countries because it's topical (well mostly it was).

I would have thought that Extra Gear will also be shown abroad but not go into 'syndication' as the yanks call it