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New CBBC channels - Expensive to promote..

(January 2002)

Hi, here are some figures I've read today from Marketing Week (to my knowlegde the first apperance from this organ on this forum!) and how much is going to cost, and how, the beeb are going to promote the new CBBC channels...(Deep breath..)

*Cost 3 million
*4 on air promos running on BBC ONE / BBC TWO - 3 using the bugs and 1 without
*On Line adverts
*Magazine and Press adverts
*1000 roadside billboard posters
*2000 adverts on the side of buses
*Flyers and packs posted to infant schools, playgroups,doctors surgerys
*All BBC Worldwide publications aimed at the 5-16 will have the bugs all over it
*Flyers inserted into all videos featuring the Tweenies/Tellytubbies/Bill and Ben

And finally the Cbeebies bugs are yellow and the CBBC Chan's are green.

3 million - that's all due to the unique way the BBC is funded.!
Is it really worth it? And just how much will be spent on plugging BBC Four? I bet not that much...Surprised

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3m isn't really that much - I noticed newsround asked people to email what they thought they were about. Of course if I paid the licence fee 3 m would sound a lot.
Liquid News tonight reported that the sale of Teletubbies around the world has earned the BBC 116 million. So 3 million of that spent on promoting the two new channels is hardly very much, is it?

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