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New CBBC Channel Closedown Animation

(September 2003)

fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
That could be something to do with the safe door, its gonna blow, and when it does I wonder what will be inside?
Adam London London
Ben posted:
Speaking of refeshing changes I caught a brief glimpse of a new CITV trail today for the Flintstones. Nice and neat and new, same logo but the font for the programme name and time was different, I only saw a brief look at it though so I can't describe it anymore.

Looked like a ripped paper effect, the flinstones were on the 'paper' and the programme details were under the bit ripped away.

And talking about CITV, nice to see they have a themed week again. I only caught the start after TTTV News but it looks like all the presentation has been changed for the week, including the subtitles logo. The studio has become a flying sofa Laughing . At least they put some effort in, unlike CBBC, where a themed week would contain no more than a special ident.
fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
It was white wasnt it? God knows what they are going to do with the set then, ripped paper! Just have to wait.

I wonder if we will get a thing like before the may 1998 relaunch. Back then leading up to it they had a space ship that each day got closer to CiTV town with the alien notes as it flew, cutting to black with text and voice over "THEY'RE COMING!", on the friday before we had the space ship with the notes then the ship crash landed cutting to Stephen & Dannielle saying that they will be there live from 3:25 on monday.

So with this safe door getting bigger with random citv characters trying to get in, i wonder if we will see whats behind the door on friday, or whether we'll have to wait till monday! Most prob monday though!

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