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New Carlton London Coming up Screen

(July 2001)

DAS Founding member
They regularly advertise London Tonight
Isonstine Founding member London London
Just seen it on Carlton Central before the ITV Evening News!

Which was actually followed by my favourite ident (The light beams and hearts being formed without a really cool soundtrack. They use it as an alternative to the boring blue version. They should use it more, its fantastic!)

But, I digress...
Aaron J Tibbett
I think I know the one you mean Smile The Carlton idents are my favourites out of every channel!! Very Happy

They also didn't use it again here until just before 6:30 either, as they didn't use it at 3, then it was CITV, which goes directly into Crossroads, then it was London Tonight promo's.

At least these are more exciting than the previous just text coming-up's. Nice shot of the gallery on the one before the evening news Smile

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