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Mark Clemmit barely raising his eyes from his tablets during his bit. He used to have a touchscreen TV which actually worked quite well and didn't feel like the gimmick it sometimes can.

Have Football Focus and Final Score both had new titles?

Yes, all the programmes have had new titles, which I'm pleased about as the old MOTD titles, and the Focus ones in much the same style, were probably my least favourite of the titles they've used in the Premier League era, with the camera continually zooming into the odd-looking tableau. It's not that different an idea this time around but I think it's executed a bit better and we lose most of the pointless effects on the theme, like the bit where it went underwater.

I don't mind the new set but the obvious flaw when Mark Clemmit was running through the lower league scores is that the scores seemed pretty much totally unreadable. When he had the monitor they didn't have all the scores on at once, he scrolled up and down them, and the camera was closer as well.
Steve Williams2,747 posts since 1 Aug 2008
Well, MOTD has to change it's titles every year anyway. They always show something related to each of the 20 clubs, and of course, three of them are always different from the previous season's lineup.

Well, indeed, but for the last three seasons they've been pretty much the same titles, just with a few alterations for the different teams, whereas this season they're completely new titles with different animation and in a different style.