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Bakers incoming? (October 2020)

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What some people fail to remember is that, if you spend a lot of time and effort on a lovely Christmas package and put large amounts of care and detail in the idents, surely you would want them to be on as much as possible? Besides, the amount of people who get excited for the ident after a month of trailers could be counted on one hand - members of TV Forum aren't the main demographic the BBC are pitching these at.

And as said above, why would you complain considering what it's replacing. I do hope they go back to the normal idents in the New Year, just to stop reminding us of this year, even if it is a bit like trading an Austin Allegro for a Vauxhall Viva.

For what this year has been, I can excuse it just this once, but it's still far too early to air it.
I'm personally looking forward to seeing the new ident, even if it is an arguably premature pre-December launch. Amazingly, this'll mean that by the time it disappears in the early hours of January 1st, it will have been on air for nearly 5 weeks!!
I just hope it's an actual ident and not a full-blown film or trailer or whatever. Happy to have associated presentation around it, but idents have become far too elaborate these days to the extent that they're not really idents (Channel 4's ones in 2015 by Jonathan Glazer spring to mind). BBC2 have the right approach, I just wish BBC1 could do the same.

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