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New BBC multi-channel menu

all new Phil Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Just spotted a new menu on BBC1 showing what’s coming up across different channels. Channel at a time, wiping left to right, in Reith. Looked pretty smart.
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
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Moz Wales Today
Yup. I saw it. Looked good...

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PFML84 UTV Newsline
Just spotted this myself before His Dark Materials. Finally a nice promo and in Reith. Keep it up!

Sadly no UHD prompt before HDM started though like there was for Series 1.
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
It's fine and does the job, but I don't like the logo placed on the edge, really should be aligned with the text.
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JetixFann450 Central Reporting Scotland
I quite like that they've matched it up with the current ECP design so it's not out of place with that, especially considering that BBC Two has the same adopted background.
Do you even read these?
Cold Open West Country (East) Points West
AxG posted:
It's fine and does the job, but I don't like the logo placed on the edge, really should be aligned with the text.

The right edge of the channel logo boxes look to be aligned with the end of the "Now" or "Next", to my eye.
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VMPhil Granada North West Today
Wow, they’re actually acknowledging that they run TV channels instead of showing yet another trail for BBC Sounds?
dbl London London
Long overdue!
Roger Darthwell London London
It's cool but there is just something that ruins it, and I think you already know what I mean
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Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
I couldn’t work out if it’s a bit too simple compared to the old BBC blocks spinning animation but actually it’s pretty good. Considering there’s a lot of information to convey in a 15 second slot, a quite basic almost static silent slide is probably the way to go.

And given they know how many people will be watching Strictly live, it’s great to see them bring these back and acknowledge there’s decent stuff to be found right *now* across the BBC.
steveboswell Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
That's very nice, simple but effective.

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