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Westcountry Spotlight
We've already had 'The Sound of Surrey and North East Hampshire' in my area, which was in the late Southern Counties era just before it became BBC Surrey.

Well as any jingle fan knows 'Surrey and North East Hampshire is a special kind of place'

The Image promo song from JAM Creative Production's Yours Truly package. Not a surprise really as their sister station Pirate FM used the City promo song from the same package for their launch jingle package.
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)

You might be thinking of Radio York which did actually rebrand briefly as BBC North Yorkshire. The story goes that they did this without consulting anyone at a higher level in the BBC. Apparently the head of regions was driving in the area and wasn't best pleased when he tuned in to discover that the station name had been changed without his knowledge.

The whole station wasn’t rebranded, they launched a split breakfast show, with Radio York Breakfast covering mainly urban ‘Greater’ York and BBC North Yorkshire the more rural part of their big county patch.

I think they also used split jingles and split news bulletins for the rest of the day too
Write that down in your copybook now.
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Yes, it just amuses me (as someone who knows both areas well) that they thought they'd reuse the tune on their new station when there's a lot less of interest to sing about... and a less defined service area (even with the 'West Devon' caveat at the end)
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London London
BBC Radio Solent has the new package from today. I dipped into the station output earlier and it's safe to say that the commercial competition has nothing to worry about.

No change there then in 45 years

Dipped in again and they were doing a guess the theme tune competition. Pensioner gets the answer right and then the presenter plays other versions of the The Pink Panther to fill the time, followed by a 70s song. Scintillating stuff.
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