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Tim Davie Appointed BBC Director General

Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Your observation that there has been a lack of diversity is entirely reasonable and well made.

But I think it's a stretch to translate that into valid criticism of the appointment on Tim Davie in the absence of a suitable female or BAME candidate. As Cando has said the head hunters approached several female candidates, it just so happens that the most suitable person for the job who happened to be willing to take it was a white bloke.

Your point is more an observation on how the wider industry hasn't created enough opportunities for women and members of the BAME community to achieve positions where they could be candidates for the DG role.
Write that down in your copybook now.
DavidWhitfield and dosxuk gave kudos
Omnipresent London London
A profile of Tim Davie by Anne McElvoy in the Evening Standard:

“Unusually for a BBC manager, he’s very good at noticing small innovations that make a difference. He leaves you feeling a bit more cheerful about the place, when people can feel ground down by the slog and the natural mode is defensive.”

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