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New BBC corporate font: BBC Reith

To replace Gill Sans in print and on screen (May 2017)

harshy Founding member
No idea who’s in charge of the main channel but they will probably stay away from Reith and keep the oneness going because it’s cheap as chips to make.
DeMarkay London London
I’m sorry but, BBC One looks very tacky and everything about it is outdated.

Either they use Reith or keep the branding different from its sister channels.
harshy Founding member
BBC oneness is easily the worst idents ever, even the commercial bbc channels have better idents, it’s a licence fee funded embarrassment for Britain’s premier terrestrial channel, not even changing the font to Reith can save oneness Sad
natwel27 Meridian (South East) South East Today
BBC Two probably changed their idents in 2018 because the idents had then had their time, in fact the channel branding as a whole had become tired. But what I don't understand is the fact that Oneness looks sh*te. The BBC also almost certainly have been told it looks that way. So why can't they throw money at something new already? If they last any longer than the end of this year, I will definitely not be happy.
Spencer (previously Spencer For Hire) Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
BBC One already uses its own, bespoke font. The argument for Reith is long-term it will save the BBC money by not having to pay for commercial font licences. So, I’m not sure it’ll use Reith at all, unless it’s been stated they will elsewhere?

Do we know if the BBC actually owns the BBC One font in the same way as it does Reith, or is it just licensed (exclusively) from Fontsmith, with ongoing relicensing fees? If that’s the case there would still be a financial case for switching BBC One’s font to Reith.
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whoiam989 World News
Let's see if Fontsmith will release the retail variant of the current BBC One font around the time the channel switches its font to BBC Reith (like what they did with earlier ITV plc corporate font, Sky News and Channel 4).
The Potato Founding member Granada North West Today
Look - we'll all know when the roll-out of Reith is complete when they change the section header font on BBC Red Button on Sky Wink
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Moz Wales Today
Nice use of Reith on this BBC News page...
peterrocket Founding member
Moz posted:

That's the new longform design templates for Shorthand - so expect to see more of those.
mdtauk London London
The header logo and section links, should probably still line up with the BBC Header I think, It kind of looks broken right now, at least for me.

BruceBBC STV Central Reporting Scotland
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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
(Internal BBC image removed)

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