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Now it's beginning to appear on screen, it all feels rather anti-climactic and it just serves to remind me...

It's only a font.

But only on TVForum, things insignificant like this always feel like something much, much more.

Just seen it, I agree, there's hardly any difference on the Weather at least, maybe the typeface oozes a bit more quality. Most viewers probably wouldn't notice. I think Reith will make more impact when it launches on BBC News with the all new tickers, lower thirds and all that.

As has been pointed out a few time’s the whole point is that most viewers won’t notice the difference. The difference between Gill, Helvetica and Reith Sans is very slight. I think once the new designs which use the serif and italic fonts begin to be used more intensively then you might feel less of an anticlimax.
Two minutes regions...
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BBC World News

Who on earth did the graphics and forecast charts? Was there really a need for that many names to appear on the map? It must have been for a bet.

Having lived in Scotland off and on for 25 years, I can't recall seeing the weather map look that cluttered before now.
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