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Wales Today
Breaking News: As BBC Weather is graced with the implementation of the corporations' smoking hot new typeface Reith, the UK and Western Europe are faced with an extreme heatwave.

Coincidence? I think not...

Does this mean that as soon as Reith is implemented on BBC News, Trump will be impeached, the world climate crisis will be solved and... we’ll FINALLY leave the EU!? 😂
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Now it's beginning to appear on screen, it all feels rather anti-climactic and it just serves to remind me...

It's only a font.

But only on TVForum, things insignificant like this always feel like something much, much more.

Just seen it, I agree, there's hardly any difference on the Weather at least, maybe the typeface oozes a bit more quality. Most viewers probably wouldn't notice. I think Reith will make more impact when it launches on BBC News with the all new tickers, lower thirds and all that.
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BBC World News

Although on closer inspection they’ve forgotten to switch a lot of those to Reith. Look at Ledaig compared to Invergarry (particularly noticeable on the ‘g’). You would think it would be a case of just making a global change, but seems not.
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