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They should do a 'Where's Reith' version of 'Where's Wally' where the book is written in Gill Sans with the exception of a few words that are in Reith and you have to try and identify how many times Reith appears.

Where's Wally: TV Forum Edition?
Arqiva, just switch to DVB-T2 already...
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I wonder if Worzel will do the honours?



That is so cool Worzel!! I knew you'd excel!! So funny!! 😂

I'm sure when Reith is implemented, we will all be completely non plussed by the whole scenario.

As well as "Where's Reith?" books as already discussed, there is the potential for a possible sitcom entitled "Waiting For Reith" (Waiting for God) where TV Forum members discuss via phone/internet/post/postcards/text/fax how angry they are being stuck at home waiting to see the first implementation of Reith and their rants about the BBC.

Or not. Just a thought.
Anyway, back to the presentation discussion!! Very Happy
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