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With Comic Sans I wouldn't even bother turning up to court.

I recently attended a meeting in a BBC building (I won't say which one, but it was well outside of the M25). The room's decor was canary yellow, and there were A4 sheets stuck to the walls that were part of some brainstorming project, all in Comic Sans. If you had drugged me, and transported me to that room, I'd have woken up thinking I was in a primary school classroom.
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Comic Sans MS.

Very Happy

I'm fairly immune and ambivalent about fonts, but I do raise an eyebrow when I walk past electrical sub station compounds, SSE print the 'Danger Keep Out etc' notices in Comic Sans, perhaps it's deliberate to make them appear friendly ?

The BBFC 'black card' before the start of a film has a number in the top right corner typed out in Comic Sans and it annoys me EVERY TIME I go to the cinema.

It wouldn't surprise me if they use Comic Sans MS to make that number look "handwritten" as from memory, that number used to be handwritten on the old cards but now it's digitally produced and that is likely the first easy to read 'handwriting' looking font the person who made it found on their PC.
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Let's not forget Channel 4's cricket coverage having a graphic in Comic Sans for their final two seasons...


What's wrong with Comic Sans? I find it to be a useful font when typing as it makes the words look more sophisticated...

It's more a case of the font being so widespread in the past (before Microsoft introduced Calibri as the default font in Word), that it has been inappropriately used. I mean a Comic Sans danger sign, doesn't work, does it?

There are so many better alternatives without the cringe.

EDIT: 'sophisticated'? Thumbs down
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I once received a hand-delivered court summons intended for a previous occupier of our house, all typed in Comic Sans. Assuming they eventually caught up with him, I’ve no doubt the use of a wacky font would have softened the blow.

The solicitor we use has stationary with its name, address etc in comic sans. Possibly to make the legal profession seem less scary? Iim sure I read once that it's easier for certain people to read