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Phew. And there was me thinking Perfect Curve had come up with a new BBC logo. Wink
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Aren't most fonts licensed in the apps you use to make things and the OS it runs on?

No - the licences often don't cover broadcast and other commercial use. You often need to specifically buy a licence that includes broadcast rights, and they aren't always that cheap.

The BBC already have an 'in house' font in widespread use. It's called 'BBC One' and is the typeface used for the BBC 'one' logo and on-screen elements used for BBC One's presentation. (It's also used widely by The One Show as they use the BBC One channel identity in their on-screen look)
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BBC Lifestyle and BBC Knowledge also have their own fonts for on-screen presentation. Bringing all channels into line with a single font for the whole corporation could save a lot of money, it is also a good excuse to refresh the presentation on all channels. BBC News could look better ditching Swiss for instance.
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