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peterrocket1,409 posts since 5 Sep 2001
Well this is quite bizarre. Why spend all that money on changing a timeless font?

Apparently it could save quite a fair bit of money - especially given the amount other fonts such as Gotham and Helvetica gets used and the licenses they'll need.

Then again, the decision could be as simple as someone going

'Well if Channel 4 have one, ITV have one and Sky have one, we need one'
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PFMC841,674 posts since 28 Feb 2013
UTV Newsline
I like the sans, but not the serif.

Looking at the p and q letters part I am getting a FS Matthew/ITV Reem vibe from it.

I wonder if it will be an overall font used for everything or if all the BBC channels and brands like Sport etc. will retain their own fonts as well? A single unified font would work much better I think.

I also wonder how long it will be before someone here gets their hands on it and we start seeing mocks using it?
peterrocket1,409 posts since 5 Sep 2001
Aren't most fonts licensed in the apps you use to make things and the OS it runs on?

Desktop usage is generally covered when you 'get' the font , but you need license for broadcast / print use.

Hence why it can often be cheaper.
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