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Sorry if I took things out of perspective everyone. Just a thought! Embarassed
Fan of the media industry, from the UK.
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Anyone any idea if the News website will change tomorrow too? And the app, Twitter profile pictures etc?

It is possible because the 15th of July is the day of the BBC's rebranding to Reith. The company's slowly changing from Helvetica and Gill Sans to BBC Reith Sans and Serif and so will it's news, sport, children's block, channels, etc. So Twitter will eventually come. Smile

Thanks for that. I was wondering what all the fuss was about.

I suppose it'll be similar to the January 2007 relaunch of BBC News. No spectacular studio changes, just new graphics, new font (obviously), and potentially new music and titles. I'm now ridiculously excited beyond words.
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Was very disappointed that there was no mention on the BBC News at Ten of the new graphics tomorrow. Ho hum. If it’s coming, it’s coming.

They're not going to mention a set of new graphics - such things will only appeal to those of us who read and post on here. If it were a complete rebrand - I'm talking set, graphics, titles, music, the lot - then maybe they would say something - but a new set of graphics isn't that important in the grand scheme of things, and certainly not something the general public would consciously take notice of.
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I have to say it, in honour of Moz: one more sleep!

(Although part of me is preparing for an anti-clinax tomorrow. "It's only a font. It's only a font...")
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