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BBC World News
I suppose it'll be similar to the January 2007 relaunch of BBC News. No spectacular studio changes, just new graphics, new font (obviously), and potentially new music and titles.

And ditched twelve months later for something far inferior that will last for five years?

Of which the titles will last a further six years?

I know Breakfast is getting reithed on Tuesday, but could the regional news on Breakfast be reithed tomorrow?

Regions change at 1:30 tomorrow.

So I just replied this to Chris on Twitter:

‪So GMT is going to air part of their program with the old graphics and the new ones during the part simulcast (and in Studio B) in the US. So I assume that gives five hours for Studio C to come online with the changes for the 5?‬
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BBC World News
Caught a glimpse of the new lower-thirds on WN edition of HardTALK -- is this new? I don't recall seeing it on here

Edit: Added images
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Since I started this thread, the channel I work at has had two graphics refreshes, and is weeks away from a third. But I guess the BBC has one or two more outlets to update, and I know these things take time to get right.

Best of luck to everyone pressing the big Reith button today - hope it goes smoothly!
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