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Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
I think they had a life long deal for Home and Away, though there is bound to be a get out clause.

I cant see it on channel 4 either but you never know.

If it ends up on C4 it'll only be because of a poor buying decision in the view they should be BBC lite - though of course C4 are now completely struggling in daytime so it could do a job for them I suppose.

Yeah - they could double header it with Hollyoaks and move The Simpsons to 5.00 or 5.30.
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UTV Newsline
The signs that this was coming have been clear for a while - little or no promotion for a huge story like Dee coming back from the dead. Thankfully I believe the quality of the show is strong at present and the ratings are extraordinarily consistent at around 1.8m per day in the UK for the two main showings.

For Fremantle to be so firmly wedded to a particular fee would suggest there must be another party involved. I actually could see ITV buying it - fairly low cost for nearly an hour of output per day and a good vehicle for their many digital channels.

Will wait and see but never a good sign when these things start leaking before the deal is done - can't recall any instance where that has happened and the incumbent has retained the rights.
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ITV can't keep Neighbours in it's current timeslots. It'd mean displacing The Chase and the Lunchtime News. So if it is them, where would it go?

Unless of course they move The Chase to 4.30pm and the lunchtime news back to 12.30pm with neighbours at 1pm.

But I really would be surprised if it went to ITV.