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Probably nothing other than the usual non-story when it comes to contract renewals, but then we thought that about Bake Off too. C5's talks with Fremantle over renewing a deal to show Neighbours have apparently broken down without a deal, with Viacom getting the blame for not understanding it's value to a British audience.

No doubt about it I'd have thought that if it disappeared from British screens it would probably be axed in Australia too where it currently airs to just 150,000 viewers on digital channel Eleven. However realistically I suspect someone would pick it up, and for much less than C5 are offering, meaning ultimately I suspect C5 will retain the rights.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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What on earth would Viacom replace the series with especial at 17.30. It going to have a real battle on its hands. Maybe the BBC will try and get it back? Then there could have Pointless on at 16.45 and Neighbors at 17.35?

Why not? BBC can get the series back on the cheap why not?
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I doubt Fremantle would be willing to sell to the BBC for cheaper than they can make Pointless. I also doubt the BBC would be willing to pick it up.
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also.... i think nostalgia aside, it really has had it's day.

my wife watches it, and it really is terrible.

I have to agree - which I never thought I would say in a million years. I've been watching Neighbours religiously for 25+ years but gave up around Christmas. The storylines were boring and predictable and all the characters I cared about are slowly leaving. There's only Karl and Susan left that I am really bothered about but even they aren't enough to keep me entertained anymore. This is the longest I have ever gone without watching it and I really don't feel like going back.
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I used to be a regular viewer of Neighbours but haven't seen it in ages. I remember back in the late 80s/early 90s everyone used to talk about it and it was very much the show to watch! It had a massive following and even beat Corrie in the ratings at one point.

I also agree that if the show leaves UK screens it will be axed altogether as it the UK that's keeping it on air.

To be honest if it didn't stay on channel 5 I don't know where it could go, I cant see it going back on BBC and I also cant see ITV wanting it, they seem to be done with daytime and aussie soaps and quiz shows perform well in the 5pm-6pm slot. I cant see it on channel 4 either but you never know.
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I can't really see any other station picking it up to be honest. BBC have been there, done that. They now have a decent and relatively cheap ratings banker in the old time slot.

The days of inheriting a decent audience from CBBC are long gone and so unless the next generation are now purposely seeking out the show on C5, I can only see the audiences dwindling further.

The changing channels announcement was made almost exactly ten years ago which suggests they may only have a couple of months to sort it out. Ten were seemingly disappointed with 700k back then so I wonder how happy they are with 150k (even if it has moved to a sister station)

Of course this could just be 'leak it to the public' in the hope you can then negotiate a better price.

If it goes from the UK, it'll be curtains for the whole show.
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I think they had a life long deal for Home and Away, though there is bound to be a get out clause.

I cant see it on channel 4 either but you never know.

If it ends up on C4 it'll only be because of a poor buying decision in the view they should be BBC lite - though of course C4 are now completely struggling in daytime so it could do a job for them I suppose.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?