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New version of the Neighbours theme song launches tomorrow. Sung Bonnie Anderson who plays Bea in the show.

Opening titles:


Is it me or does that theme not fit with the titles? I'm not sure it reminds be of that awful winner version they had a few years ago.

No it does not fit the titles at all. Its slower than the last theme, and the titles are quite fast moving between scenes. Slow song with fast changing scenes....does not match!

The worst bit of this new song is the last few seconds, over the Karl & Susan shot where the tempo of the song slows right down....its as if they are having to slow it down to stretch out the song to fit over the titles. The whole song would work better with the same tempo all the way through.
This Is Granada1,738 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Awful end credits edit of the new theme tune. The song does not flow at all.

#Everybody needs good Neighbours

Awkward abrupt pause in the flow of the song

#Should be there for one another
#Thats when good Neighbours become good friends.

I suspect this is a rush job edit for Channel 5, as they require a 25ish seconds end credits, but TEN usually has 15 second credits and the full 50 seconds on Fridays.
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So neighbours will be reduced to 2 episodes a week from next week on channel 5.

I believe the show is still filming and no announcement from 10 peach so this may mean we no longer air episodes the same day as Australia!

Neighbours and Home & Away have both stopped filming and Channel 7 has actually stopped broadcasting H&A for 2 weeks instead showing extended news coverage in the light of the Covid 19 outbreak.
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That's good but I'm fond of the classic sax from the 90s - memories of many a broom-cupboard introduction into that!

They've not produced a decent version since that one above. The ending isn't great on the new one, surely no rush job is required if they know C5 have 25 second credits. There's the weird abrupt pause in the middle but the start of it crashes in too, as though we're getting the tail end of a previous verse.

It doesn't work with the same fast paced titles, which I think work well and look good.

There, moan over (from someone who's barely watched an episode in years yet somehow still has a big interest in the tune Laughing)
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Just lucky it still has the theme tune - Home and Away has never been the same since they axed theirs.

Neighbours did ditch the theme tune in early 1990 for a title card with the Grundy logo until the Saxophone version of theme came in 1992:

The saxophone version of theme was introduced on episode 1681:
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Neighbours has not stopped filming! It did halt production for a few days due to a production team member having symptoms but then starting filming again a few days later.

We are likely to become out of sync now. I understand with Home and Away.
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I think the plan with Neighbours, they are looking to complete another week before they go on production break for Easter for 3 or 4 weeks. They film 6 episodes a week currently.
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