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Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno (April 2013)

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That's quite interesting that Jake will still present the One show on occasion. It provides him a foot in the door at the BBC should everything go tits up at BT Sport. Also proves that the BBC still rate him highly and kinda think he'll be back soon enough.
noggin Founding member

I'm quite interested in the fact that a lot of people here seem to watch or at least know of Craig Ferguson. Do people here watch him on a regular basis? I watch him pretty much daily. He's one of those hosts that you can watch regardless of the quality of guest.

Remember him as an actor from a few things, was surprise to see him pop up as a US talk show host. Don't watch the show, but have seen YouTube clips that have made me chuckle.
Robot Skeleton Army recruit since 2010. Have also read his book, seen his film and bought the t-shirt. Literally! Red Dwarf fans may recognise him from "Confidence and Paranoia". Another little known fact is that he created the character "Doc Martin" from the TV"Doc Martin" (the series is based on his film Saving Grace).
bilky asko
I think the closest thing we have to a daily programme of that sort is bid - it's clearly controversial (cf. the regular ASA complaints), it's got comedy legend Peter Simon and comedy legend Andy Hodgson on a lot, and is so full of regular experts such as Charlie Charleston, Chef Wayne, Angela, and Peter McDermott that it's clearly something that attracts not only the cream of the crop, not only the award-winning, not only the larger of the timeslot. At that price, just buy! Delicious.

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