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Bob McBignob posted:
Very bad that TMF are deviating from videos.

Best music channel on Sky was the Box back in Summer 1999 when it had the ****e picture quality too and looked all-NTSC. Again, any comps it ran were in the playlist ticker - it was great!


Though I couldn't stand the picture quality I used to love the old Box, as it had a good mix, plus when they were bored they used to show a slide which had all the numbers of the videos you could order. It was great, plus if you were watching via Nynex/CWC like I used to, you only had to dial 177 and you were through to them and they didn't take a break once every five minutes either. It was a superb service, though it made my day when the picture quality went better! Though I always thought it was funny telling people that I could watch The Box on Cable, as I knew some people who had Satellite and they were annoyed that it was only on Granada Plus in the morning and that they had to get up early to watch it. Plus for many years The Box didn't have a DOG!

Though I was thinking to myself are there any music channels or programmes which play out videos in full which aren't ruined by DOG's or crappy graphics? I don't mind your bog standard DOG, but when it has tons of crap all over the screen it is annoying.